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Ms. Maleski - Nurse

Jean Maledki, RN has been working with Newark Street School since 2007 (school nurse since 1994). Jean is at the school every Monday afternoon and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and makes sure to do vision/hearing screenings and consults with students, parents, & staff about health concerns & questions. It is important to me to help kids understand their bodies & how to keep them healthy. "Little things can make a big difference in a child's school day, such as a good night's sleep, breakfast, and physical activity outdoors."
Flu season is upon us again! So cough/sneeze into elbow, wash hands and surfaces that hands touch, get plentry of sleep/healthy foods/water/exercise, stay home when sick, AND... Flu shots are widely available at local drug stores (e.g. Kinney, Rite Aid, WalMart), clinics, or your own provider.
It is fairly common during the winter months for head lice to show up among children. The most effective way to control this little critter is for parents to check their child's head every week, and if necessarytreat, then follow up carefully. Please also teach your child not to share items that come in contact with the head. Other prevention and control strategies are included in the fact sheet from the VT Dept. of Health head lice page. Please take the time to read it through.
Please call me if you would like to practice checking your child's head together or for any other questions.
Thank you!!!